List of Best Freelancing Marketplaces in the World

Nowadays, various freelance platforms and marketplaces are being created along with the increasing demand for freelancing jobs. The main function of these marketplaces is to help companies find contingent workers for projects or job roles that do not require permanent staff. As a freelancer on these platforms, you need to create your profile.

Also share portfolios of your work. Then, once all the profiles are updated, you can contact potential employers or clients. On the freelance platform, both employers and freelancers create their profiles, post job offers, or sends requests.

List of Best Freelancing Marketplaces in the World

You can apply for any project of your choice and interest. And, by using these websites, you can start your freelance career. These marketplaces help you get clients very quickly. And, these websites provide reliable employers, companies, and projects.

List of 15 Best Freelancing Marketplaces

For those who want to work from home as a freelancer, we have prepared here List of Best Marketplaces and Websites of 2022 –

1. Upwork:


Upwork is currently one of the best freelance sites on the internet. Whoever is hired from here, the administration of this site verifies everything individually. Which makes the recruitment process much easier. Any kind of freelancing work or project can be found from Upwork. Submitting and registering your application on this user-friendly website, it gets approved or rejected based on your skills.

Here first 20% fee is charged as commission for your work. Later, as you do more work with the same client, this commission amount decreases. Here you can work with big brands like Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox and more.

2. Fiverr:


Fiverr connects freelancers and businesses digitally. Here you can find more than 250 categories of professional services offered Freelancers can post their applications on this website. And, clients can assign their projects to freelancers of their choice. Fiverr pays you more than Upwork. Here you can usually find jobs for writers, photographers, video makers, web designers, and more. This website is a very good platform for new freelancers. New freelancers can earn a decent amount of money for projects here. Here if you want to offer digital services, you need to create a seller profile. Next, you need to create a gig with all the information you need, and prepare it for clients. So that clients can use that information to decide whether to work with you. By adding a video to your gig, you can attract more clients.

3. Freelancers:


Freelancer websites have different types of freelance jobs. This website is a very popular platform for specialized freelancers. Here you can find various types of design work like graphic and logo design, SEO, copywriting, and marketing. In fact, you can find freelance jobs in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and more on Freelancer. Here you can filter jobs by various categories including fixed price projects, hourly rate projects, skills, contests and languages. You can also see the number of bidders with bidding prices for each job listing. So, if you are looking for flexible, remote and various freelancing jobs, then this website is the best option for you. Here they have about 17 crore registered users and 1 crore projects. This website serves around 240 countries around the world. And, for over 15 years, this freelancing marketplace is a trusted platform for jobs, payments and brands.

4. Teacher:


Even though Guru is a relatively new company, it already has millions of members. Also, more than 1 lakh jobs have been completed here. There are more than 340000 unique services This platform offers you five monthly memberships. Their basic package offers free services for everyone. But, here you can do only 120 bidding per year. If you get any work from here, Guru charges you 7% commission. And, if you pay annually, you will get 600 bids.

And, there is a commission of 5% for each job. Here you can create several marketing features, such as search result ranking, or premium quotations.

5. People Per Hour:


Compared to other websites, PeoplePerHour serves as one of the best mediums to connect clients with professionals like freelancers. With artificial intelligence, this marketplace connects freelancers and clients more seamlessly. Once clients submit a project scope, its artificial intelligence system analyzes it in detail, connecting it with qualified freelancers. Here freelancers are invited to submit their proposals, so they can set their own prices. And, clients can choose the best from a curated list of freelancers. Here clients and freelancers don’t have to waste time finding the right match. Also, its dedicated payment system allows clients and freelancers to settle payment tasks peacefully.

6. Total:


If you are looking for high-quality freelancers, Toptal is a freelance marketplace where you can find the best freelancers. Their application process is quite difficult. And, since the selection process of this website is quite tough, they only select the best few from the thousands of applications that come in every day. So, here are various best companies with their choice of best free Can only choose Nsaras. Here you can find various types of freelancing jobs like development, designer, project management, and finance expert. This marketplace helps you find the right person for your job. After your screening process is complete, if you are selected, you will get to work with great clients. You can also work with big brands like – Airbnb, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Zendesk, and many more.

7. FlexJobs:


FlexJobs is popular for flexible and remote work opportunities. You can find contractual jobs from project management, and content writing to programming here. For online jobs, this site has filters for remote/hybrid/onsite, work schedule, travel requirements, and more. With which you can filter your job board flexibly. This well-designed website, thoroughly monitors new gigs and researches jobs, only allowing a posting.

Every post posted on this platform goes through a detailed screening process. As a result, every job posting here is true and valid. Here you will find jobs in more than 50 career categories, from all over the world. However, it is not a completely free platform; If you want full access to the huge network of employers and details of each company, you have to pay for it.

8. 99designs:


99designs is another best website for freelancers. It allows designers to connect with businesses around the world. If you want to become a freelancer designer, 99Designs is a great platform to start your career. You can choose the design, style and industry of your interest. However, this platform comes with some startup costs for freelancers. Here, in return for some money, you are introduced to clients. This website works differently than other websites. Clients only have to give their requirements on this platform and designers have to submit their entries.

Next, the client selects a designer of their choice and pays for the design. The best thing about this website is that they can help you find your job opportunities with ample support as a freelancer. You can also join the community of designers here.

9. We Work Remotely:

Link –

As a freelancer, another reliable option for your job search is WeWorkRemotely. There are many designing, programming, copywriting, sales, marketing, and other job options. Even, you can apply for its newsletter. Plus, you can select the category you’re most interested in and get new job opportunities delivered straight to your inbox. You can browse its pages to see about new topics. You can easily choose the category that best suits your skills.

Also, you can view full-time and contractual opportunities. We Work Remotely updates its job database frequently. So, to know new updates, you can come back from time to time. Or, you can also follow its newsletters.

10. Dribble:


Dribbble is a massive freelancing platform where designers and creatives from all over the world share their masterpieces. Also, it has decided to create a full job board, which will bring more job opportunities. Especially, if you are looking for design work, you can find many options here. You can also browse jobs here according to different specialties, such as mobile and web designers, illustrators, graphics, animators, and brand designing.

Also, you can choose your location, and check remote work and full-time jobs. If you want to search for something else, you can easily type it in keywords.

11. Startups:


Startupers is one of the top names in the list of best freelancing marketplaces. Although it’s a smaller and less popular freelance marketplace, there are some pretty unique job opportunities here. This platform primarily focuses on startups. You can also search for Campaign Strategist, Data Analytics, AML Investigator, Client Manager, Technological Assistance, and Senior Back-end Engineer jobs.

Although there is no option to browse by category, you can search by typing your keywords. And, you can check its offers. Since this platform updates the job board regularly, so don’t forget to visit it frequently.

12. Authentic Jobs:


Authentic Jobs is the best job board for creatives, designers, and software developers. The best thing about this freelance site is that here you can look for internships, freelance gigs, part, and full-time jobs separately. And, at Authentic Jobs, your UI/UX jobs, beat digital

You can also get marketing jobs or software development jobs.

13. Behance:


Behance is one of the most popular design collection websites in the world. There is a huge designer community here. Here people share their completed designs, as well as ongoing projects. And, Behance is also widely known by many designers who are creating concept art.

Which often works even better than the original idea. Its jobs board is a place where you can post a listing of your startup, project, or the type of job you’re looking for. Since it is a large community, it is quite easy to find a designer here.

14. SimplyHired:


This marketplace is perfect for those looking for extra work. Freelancers can find work in almost any field on this SimplyHired platform. And, there is no charge for posting jobs here. Because of that, this website has numerous job opportunities. And, you can easily work as a freelancer by creating your profile here.

Next, you can also search for freelance jobs near you. You can also estimate your fees from the top salary lists and tools here. It provides services in more than 24 countries and 12 different languages. Plus, you can filter your searches based on your interests, so you can quickly find the jobs you want

15. LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is one of the most trusted online service provider companies in India and the world. Here you will find millions of job postings every day, with full-time as well as part-time or freelancing options. This company has both free and premium subscriptions. But, if you don’t want to pay, its free version is also quite functional. However, here you can see and apply for lots of job postings. And, signing up here is pretty easy too. Here you don’t have to go through any kind of test or screening to get into LinkedIn.

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