E-Passport Required Documents – New Update

Assalamu Alaikum I hope everyone is well. Today I will tell you about the documents required for an e-passport. As of now, when you go to apply for a visa, the word about e-identification precedes you, so on the off chance that you have hardly any familiarity with the reports you really want to apply for an e-passport, you might need to go to the provincial office and return once more.  That’s why before applying for a passport, you must know about the necessary documents for an e-passport to get this passport, then you will be benefited.

Documents required for e-passport


For the e-passport application, the Bangladesh government should bring the following documents-

  • The first thing you need to bring is a print copy of the applicant’s online application.
  • The next thing you need to bring is a print copy of the appointment schedule that you need to bring with you after you apply or apply online.
  • The fee is paid by the applicant for his e-passport. You should bring a receipt of his fee if any.
  • Original National Identity Card or online copy of birth registration must be brought along with your application.
  • The applicant should bring the passport and the page of the e-passport, if any, from any previous passport.
  • If the applicant is below 18 years of age, then the online copy of the applicant’s birth registration along with the copy of the voter ID card of the parents should be submitted.
  • If the age of the applicant is less than six years, then the passport size photograph of the applicant should be submitted in the color copy on 3r size matte paper.
  • You cannot change anything about your parent’s name and date of birth etc.

The E-passport fee can be paid through any mode

E-passport fee can be submitted online through all modes – Cash / Bikash / Rocket You can submit the passport fee online.

You can also deposit an e-passport through One Bank Premium Bank and Trust Bank.

Also, you can deposit money for an e-passport in certain branches of Sonali Bank.

E-Passport Required Documents - New Update

How many days e-passport is available in 2022

But today I am giving you details about how many days the e-passport is available according to official rules.

  • If you want to get 48 page 5-year e-passport then you have to pay Rs 7500 as per government fee.
  • If you want to get a 10-year 48 page e-passport then you have to pay a fee of 5000 rupees for 15 days.
  • And if you take this 10-year 48-page e-passport as urgent then it will take seven days and you will have to pay a fee of Rs 7000.
  • Also if you take e-passport as very important. Then you have to pay the fee of Rs.9000 and you will get it in two to three working days.
  • That means you will get the emergency passport within two working days from the date of fingerprinting and the emergency passport within seven or 10 working days from the date of fingerprinting and the ordinary passport within 15-21 working days from the date of fingerprinting.

Hope you have understood how many days the e-passport is available if not. So I will explain it to you better below.

How much money does it take to get an e-passport in 2022?

5 years e-passport fee

Delivery 5 years validity 48 page e-passport fee 5 years validity 64 page e-passport fee
regular 4,025 Rs 6,325 Rs
Express/Urgent 6,325 Rs 8,625 Rs
Super Express 8,625 Rs 12,075 Rs

10-year passport fee:

Delivery 48-page e-passport fee for 10 years 64-page e-passport fee for 10 years
regular 5,750 Rs 8,050 Rs
Express/Urgent 8,050 Rs 10,350 Rs
Super Express 10,350 Rs 13,800 Rs

We hope that from all the above topics, starting from the documents required for an e-passport, how many days an e-passport is available and how much money it costs to get this passport, these things will be useful for you.

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