How to apply for Brta Smartcard Learners Driving License Online

Basic details of Bangladesh National Driving License by Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). The Bangladesh government has implemented laws related to a driving license. No one can drive a car without a driving license under this law. Today we will show you how to get a driving license online right. Nowadays every person has some kind of vehicle. Especially motorcycles. It’s home now. Today we will learn how to apply for a driving license online and all the information related to the license.

Currently in Bangladesh according to the rules of 2018 according to section 04, if the driver does not have a vehicle driving license, he will have to be jailed for 6 months or fined 25 thousand takas. And the driving license is a very important thing. So I have come to you with the rules for applying for a driving license correctly.

Apply for a driving license online

First of all, the prerequisite for a driving license is a basic education driving license. Driving license applicant should have minimum educational qualification up to 8th class pass. Professional and amateur drivers must be 18 and 21 years of age respectively Drivers must be mentally and physically fit. It is most important to know these things that will drive.
These are the basic concepts of driving.

How to apply for Brta Smartcard Learners Driving License Online

Online Driving License Application 2022

We have come to you with all the ways to apply for a driving license online. The first stage of driving license is learner driving. You have to submit the required documents for learner driving online. You need to print your driving license issue online.

After about 2/3 months they will select you by taking training and taking various types of tests.
At the time you need to bring along the original copy of the learner’s driving license and all the necessary items used in the test along with this copy during the test.

Documents required for learner or apprentice driving license

1. Online application in the prescribed form

2. 1 copy of a photograph of the applicant.

3. Medical certificate by the doctor

4. Photocopy of National Identity Card

5. Photocopy of the bill

6. Photocopy of driving license

7. Provide your details correctly while applying online.

8. Fees of Tk 345 and Tk 515 have to be paid online.

If you pass the written and field tests, you will be issued a valid license paper.
It will contain all your information.

Documents Required for Smartcard Driving License

1. Application in the prescribed form

2. Medical certificate by the doctor

3. Fixed fee Professional 1669, Non-professional Tk 2540

4. Conduct police investigation for professional driving license.

5. 1 photocopy.

You can apply all types of driving licenses by following these steps. We have discussed everything about driving licenses through the discussion above. can be done We have presented them to you with all kinds of information.

We all know how important a driving license is for a driver because nowadays there are a lot of accidents in our country so everyone should get a driving license and be a competent driver. It has been pointed out to you

Importance of driving license in Bangladesh-

Public transport in Bangladesh has improved more than before. Still, not everyone feels comfortable traveling by public transport all the time. So many people use private transport. Some make a living driving a rental car while others drive a company car. Again, if you own a motor vehicle and want to drive your own vehicle, you must also obtain a driving license. Driving license has some significance – it carries your identity. This is linked to identifying you. A unique document identifying you like a driving license voter ID card or passport.

Nature of Professional Driving License:

Professional light motor vehicle weight below 2500 kg) Candidate must be at least 20 years of age for a driving license.

Candidate must be at least 23 years of age for professional medium motor vehicle weight 2500 to 6500 kg) driving license and at least 03 (three) years of use of the professional light driving license.

Candidate must be at least 26 years of age for a professional heavy (motor vehicle weight more than 6500 kg) driving license and a professional medium driving license should be at least 03 (three) years in use.

[Note: To get a professional heavy driving license the candidate must first obtain light driving license after a minimum of 03 (three) years he can apply for a professional medium driving license and at least 03 (three) years after obtaining medium driving license heavy. can apply for driving license.]

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