What is fashion design? How to become a fashion designer

These days, the fervor of the diversion world is expanding, likewise, the extent of the style world is expanding equally. Be it Sabyasachi’s marked sarees or Milan Fashion Week in Paris – or Bollywood to Tollywood VIPs are all in the style world.

That is the reason the style planning or style plan industry is getting immense prevalence. On the off chance that you also intend to make a style plan as your occupation, this article of our own today is totally for you.

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is the art of applying fashion, natural beauty, and imagination to clothing and lifestyle accessories. Fashion design evolves over time and place along with the diversity of social and cultural attitudes. This fashion design career has become quite popular among imaginative artists. Because the great opportunities of this highly competitive profession in India and abroad are constantly increasing.

What is fashion design? How to become a fashion designer


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Skills required to become a fashion designer: Fashion designing is an art form. So, the qualities you need to possess to become a designer are –

1. You must have a creative and artistic spirit.

2. Must have good drawing skills along with the ability to combine tones, shades and colors.

3. Must know how to work with all types of fabrics.

Also, you need to know how to use fabric cloth in a very creative and unique way.

4. Like any successful fashion designer, you need to have a great visual imagination.

So that, like them, you are able to express your thoughts in 3D designs while transforming them into beautiful clothes.

5. Fashion designers need to be aware of fashion market requirements and rates.

6. Always happy to learn new things with the help of books, magazines and journals related to the fashion designing industry and new trends.

7. You must be interested in general art.

From visiting art galleries to interacting with all kinds of artists.

8. A designer must have basic sewing knowledge and experience.

Should be able to distinguish between layers of different quality fabrics.

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Skill set to be a fashion designer
Human Skills –

artistic attitude
cooperative attitude
Communication skills
Hard Skills –

Color theory
Textile training
Design software
Cloth Construction Techniques
Practical knowledge of computer
Ways to become a fashion designer:

Earning a fashion design degree can help fashion designers start their careers. But, a degree alone does not bring success in this profession. For this reason, designers need a professional portfolio, work experience and a professional network to enter the fashion industry. In this case, professional success depends entirely on skill. Therefore, designers must know exactly about their brand identity, aesthetic and industry niche. After graduation, most designers work as fashion buyers, stylists, and assistants to established designers. These activities help them improve their skills and build networks.

Let us, this time, know about how to become a successful designer –

1. Complete the Fashion Design Degree Program:

Any fashion designer must complete a Bachelor of Arts and Design degree. In this course they usually learn about fashion, color theory and fabrics. In addition, they also learn computer-aided design (CAD) software. In these types of courses, students are mainly given project-based assignments. These projects help them build their portfolio as well as enhance their skills. And, from these programs you can also learn about fashion business, marketing and merchandising. These studies also teach you to understand customer needs in terms of style, launch your own line or monetize it.

2. Gain experience:

Various fashion designing courses provide their students with valuable training for career-building. So that, they can get hands-on experience about the industry. These fashion institutes provide various internship opportunities to fashion designers. Many colleges place their students as interns in famous designer companies. In this case, the students learn fashion work under those famous designers. Internships give a solid understanding of the fashion industry. These internship programs greatly help students learn various fashion techniques and aesthetics.

3. Network in the industry:

In addition to developing artistic skills, networking also greatly helps you become a successful designer. Through this they also gain professional opportunities, client acquisition techniques, and training to build strong careers. Therefore, a designer should start building networks of contacts as soon as possible. Even, it is more important to start networking before starting fashion training. Various networking events greatly help in introducing fashion designers to various professional fashion personalities.

4. Design Portfolio Spelling:

Having a strong portfolio is absolutely essential to succeed as a fashion designer. Many fashion designers focus on building their portfolios before entering a fashion program. Students can enhance their portfolios by enhancing their design skills and experience. Designers add ready-to-wear looks or custom high fashion looks to their portfolio, showcasing their versatility. Shashi also looks at their technical skills. Designers update their portfolios throughout their fashion careers. Internships, entry-level jobs, or stylist livelihoods—all help designers strengthen their portfolio.

5. Stay up-to-date about the fashion industry:

Fashion designers always have to be updated about trends and fashion news. Since changes are very natural in the industry, designers must follow the fashion cycle. Various sources help fashion designers to stay updated. Professional associations, fashion magazines, and fashion shows can provide you with industry information and trends. Following various red carpet events and fashion designers, helps designers keep up with the trends. These inspirations help designers add new style to their upcoming projects.

Eligibility for studying Fashion Design:

Eligibility Criteria for Fashion Design (UG & PG) Like other courses, fashion design courses have almost the same eligibility requirements. If the following qualifications match you, you can get admission in the most prestigious institutes and universities in India. Eligibility criteria for undergraduate and graduate programs are discussed below.

Under Graduate Course – Eligibility Criteria –
– Candidates should apply for a fashion design course after completing 10+2 class.

– There are many colleges and institutes from which you can choose as per your choice.

– Students must have passed their 12th class examination with minimum 50% marks from any recognized board in India for admission to the Fashion Designing course at the Under Graduation level.

– Students have to clear various entrance exams, namely UCEED, NID, DAT and NIFT.

Post-Graduation Course – Eligibility Criteria –
After graduation, those interested in studying fashion design can apply to various colleges or institutes.

The criteria for PG eligibility are discussed below –

1. Students applying for PG Course in Fashion Designing must have passed with a Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field from a recognized college/university in India with minimum 50% marks.

2. They have to clear entrance exams like NID DAT, IIAD, CEED and many more.

Fashion Designer Salary/Income:

As of now, the average monthly salary of a fashion designer in India can be up to Rs 18,945. Basically, freshers can earn from Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 monthly depending on the brand. Once you gain professional experience as a fashion designer, your salary can go up to Rs 2 lakh per month. Job opportunities for fashion designers are available from India to all over the world. Therefore, the list of the best capitals of the fashion world includes Paris, London and New York. To survive in the fashion world, you have to work with personality. Especially, those with talent and brilliant minds, go beyond their expectations and achieve acclaim and success in this industry. The fashion industry is booming in countries like India.

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