What to do if you forget your Rocket PIN? Learn how to get a PIN

If you forget your Rocket PIN: – If you forget your Rocket account pin number, there is no reason to worry anymore, you can easily get a new PIN and reset your Rocket account pin number. Rocket is an exceptionally famous versatile banking computerized exchange specialist organization in Bangladesh. Our Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited has been working on Rocket portable financial help or advanced exchange. 

Like Rocket Mobile Banking and other mobile banking services such as OK Wallet, Sure Cash, Mcash, and Bikash, and all Bangladeshi mobile banking services, Rocket Mobile Banking services have a lot in common.

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Rocket Mobile Banking has a lot of features and benefits, so it has a large number of users or customers, that’s why many customers forget their PIN number or need to change it or get locked while operating this Rocket Mobile Banking, so today I am introducing Rocket Mobile Banking to you. I will inform you about the solution to all problems related to PIN.

What is the reason for forgetting the Rocket Account PIN?

Currently, there are various digital online banking in Bangladesh. Which Rocket Mobile Banking Account is a very popular medium because it has Dutch Bangla Bank through which money can be transacted. So many times we forget our PIN because of the bank card pin number and pin 2 of your rocket account.

Again, due to the fact that we have a lot of work, we often forget our necessary PIN. Because nowadays we have many bank accounts and mobile banking services, it is not possible to remember all the PIN numbers.

Or the account gets blocked due to entering the wrong PIN number three times. Then you must know how to recover your Rocket Account PIN. In today’s post, we have explained how to recover the Rocket Account PIN.

What to do if you forget your Rocket account PIN?

Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking Rocket Account PIN Forgotten. You can easily retrieve a mobile banking PIN within 5 minutes using two ways. It is very simple but there are some things that make it very difficult to recover the PIN.

Here we are talking about the rules that all of you forgot rocket account pin or rocket account blocked. It will help you understand how to recover.

You can recover your Rocket Account PIN using two ways_

  • Call the Rocket helpline number.
  • Rocket mobile banking office visit.

Procedure for unlocking PIN by calling Rocket Helpline

Recover your PIN within two minutes by calling the Rocket Account Helpline. If your account is locked. Or forget the pin of the rocket. First, call 16216 and talk to them. They will retrieve the PIN within two minutes.

First of all, you call them nicely and tell them about your problem, don’t tell them any lies. They will ask you some questions to get some information they need. And if everything is fine they will tell you your forgotten or blocked pin within 2 minutes.

  • The Rocket office will ask you for the NID that you used to open the account.
  • If you have a NID, you will want to know your father’s name, your mother’s name, your date of birth, and your NID number.
  • Give correct information.
  • They will then call you within three to four hours and give you your PIN. From there you have to set the PIN as you like.
  • You can change that PIN later.
  • You will log in with the PIN you are given. And change the PIN later.

Procedure to retrieve PIN by visiting Rocket Mobile Banking office

Above we have shown how to change Rocket PIN through Rocket Helpline. Now another rule is that you can change your PIN by visiting the Rocket Mobile Banking office. Visit your nearest District Rocket Mobile Banking office. Go there and share your problem with them. They will help you retrieve the rocket pin. However, some information should be taken with you. The information is:

  • A copy of the NID with which you opened the account.
  • Your Rocket mobile number SIM.
  • If the account NID belongs to someone else, take it with you.

If you tell them about the above, they will fix your pin very quickly.

Correct Rules to Change Rocket Account PIN

If you remember the current PIN of your Rocket account, you can use it to change the PIN. If you know the current PIN, there is no need to reset the PIN, just change the PIN.

Rocket Account PIN can be changed using the Rocket Mobile Banking menu. Follow the below rules to change your Rocket Account PIN.

  • First dial *322# to enter the Rocket Mobile Banking menu
  • Then to enter “My Acc ”, type “ 5”.
  • Type “ 3″ to select “Change PIN”.
  • Then enter your current Rocket account PIN.
  • Then enter a new four-digit PIN for the Rocket account.
  • Enter the four-digit pin code again.

If you fill in the above rules correctly, your Rocket account PIN will be changed.

Simple rules to reset Rocket account PIN _

  • First call DBBL’s helpline number, 16216.
  • It is best to call the helpline from the number with which the account is opened in Rocket.
  • After calling, press “1” to select the Bengali language and “2” to select the English language .
  • Press “5” to get mobile office service
  • A Rocket support agent will talk to you and ask about you.
  • Tell the helpline agent to forget the PIN and reset the PIN
  • One of the agents will ask you for your Rocket account information which you must provide correctly.
  • In this case personal information like NID number, parents’ name, date of birth, etc. will be required, provide to them correctly.
  • If the information is provided correctly, you will receive a call from Rocket within the next few hours through which you can reset the Rocket PIN.

In this way, if you forget the Rocket PIN, you can reset the Rocket account PIN at home.

 information required to retrieve the Rocket Account PIN

  • Do not share your Rocket account PIN with anyone.
  • If you think someone knows your PIN. Then change your PIN today.
  • Keep your account information with you before calling the Rocket Helpline.
  • When you visit a Rocket Mobile Banking office, you must remember to take the information with you.

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